Course 4 :  NLP Practitioner Certificate Course

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Course 4: NLP Practitioner Certificate
Course duration: 3 Days, full time
Course Cost: R 6950.00
Certification: Internationally certified and  accredited NLP Practitioner certificate
Pre-requisite: To apply for this course you must have completed course 1, course 2, and course 3.


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Course cost:  R 6950.00


About this course:

NLP is all about your experience of the world, it is about how you create your own reality, how you perceive the world around you.

The name Neuro Linguistic Programming comes from three areas of study:

N         Neurology   –  the mind, how we think, how the mind works.
L          Linguistic  – how we use language to communicate and what affects it has
P          Programming –  how we sequence and program our actions.

NLP is described as an art and a science and it is very difficult to define it in one or two sentences. Following are but a few definitions ofNLP: NLP Practitioner certificate course

NLP is the study of the structure of subjective experience.
NLP is the study of the mind and body.
NLP is the state makes study of human communication.
NLP is the method of modelling excellence so that it can be duplicated.
NLP is an attitude and methodology that leaves behind the trial of techniques.
NLP is a wide range of fast and effective skills, tools and techniques, gleaned from many disciplines. It is used understand how human beings function, how and why they do what they do, and what makes people tick.

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NLP Practitioner certificate course content & overview:

What is NLP? Definitions of NLP What is NLP-technology? Typical NLP applications?
Where does NLP come from? What are the roots of NLP? Presuppositions Maps of the world
Behavioural Frames NLP framework for coaching Visualization Sensory Acuity
Generalisation, Deletion and Distortion Calibration Rapport Psycho-geography
Boundaries Predicates VAKOG Eye Accessing Cues
Changing Feelings Values Meta Programs Pattern Interrupts & Break States
Backtrack Frame Asking ‘how’ rather than ‘why’ Getting to the real problem Logical Levels
Meta Model Milton Model Creating Presuppositions The Resource Triangle Exercise
Logical Levels Alignment of Self Problem solving Changing to a ‘Towards’ Strategy
Reversal Questions Get specific about the problem The Disney Pattern Well Formed Outcomes
How to Manage Yourself Setting Anchors Anchor a resourceful state Self-Anchoring
Calibrate State Elicitation Chaining Anchors New behaviour generator
A Strategy for Responding to Criticism Perceptual Positions Chunking Unpacking a Problem
Proactive / Reactive Submodalities Swish Pattern Exercise Godiva Chocolate Pattern
T.O.T.E. and Strategies Strategies Parts and Framing Conflicting Parts Exercise
Parts Integration Process The parts Party Process Exercise Six Step Reframe Reframing
Fast Phobia Cure Timeline In Time / Through Time When to use what

NLP is the tool you need to change lives, making good people great.

Is this the right course for you?

NLP assist with removing fears, phobias and limiting beliefs and replacing them with empowering subconscious thought patterns that brings about true change in our lives and that of our clients. NLP is extremely powerful in unlocking the true potential in yourself and your clients.

Our training is designed to revolutionize our student’s thought patterns. You will learn skills and techniques to effectively create long-lasting improvement to your life and be able to create positive change in others. The tools and techniques you will learn will provide you with a real edge to bring about positive change. At this course participants will learn how to apply NLP effectively. You will be taught to become an NLP Practitioner that brings about real change in people.

Career Prospects:

NLP is the “magic” that people need in our modern society. Our world is rushed and overwhelming. People require NLP to rewrite their future. NLP practitioners are sought worldwide as “change agents”. The industry is expanding rapidly and you want to acquire this skill.