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Course: NLP Emotional Intelligence Course
Course duration: 1 Day
Course Cost: On enquiry only
Certification: No certification
Pre-requisite: None



About this course:

There are many EQ and Emotional Intelligence courses in the market.

Most of them are really boring and only teach the process. This is not a topic that can be taught in the same way we teach people Excel or typing skills.

Most types of training has a clear measure of competence upfront , this allows a very structured and process driven approach to the training. On completion one can measure the new gained skill and score the quality of gained skills accordingly.



The reason is simple , we are all different. We all have different triggers that sets us off. Different forms of stimuli affect each person in a unique manner.

Allow me to sketch a scenario.

You walk down the street and you see the most beautiful person in the world. You first trigger response is to want to stare, but you are well brought up, and you pop a glance and in a very mature manner keep your pose.

Her are the facts——-there were 2 responses.

The first was what we call first filter, the second was your second filter. As humans we have a root response and a learnt response. Let me tell you a secret! If the 2 responses are in conflict and you must consistently live according to the learnt response, it will build anxiety, stress and eventually depression. You might even ” pop” one day and respond according to your first filter.


Emotional Intelligence is all about finding alignment between first and second response.

This process is different for all people, but there is good news.

By understanding how our internal brain functions, where the filters come from, how I can alter my filters and eventually bring a level of harmony between the 2 is the secret.


That is what this course is all about. A complete different approach to emotional intelligence.

Each company, group of people, have their own first response filters. These are all learnt behaviours and therefore can be unlearnt and replaced with more suitable behaviours and responses.


It takes a true master at the art and skill to take a group through this process, and that is exactly why you need us.

Send an email to deon@actionfactory.co.za to enquire about the training workshop.