Become a Motivational Coach

What is a motivational Coach?

  • Life Coaches work with the whole person and all aspects of their life. A Motivational Coach is focused on results and outcomes.
  • Most people are driven and motivated by fear, or a need to avoid something negative.
  • Motivational Coaches assess what inspires and motivates a person, finds that drive and expands it.


How does the training work?

To train as a motivational coach there are 3 phases.

  1. Phase one is a pre-study of many hours of training videos and learning’s to prepare you for the classroom training. The pre-study is a full Life Coach certification course. This can be done in your own time and can be completed in 1 to 2 weeks.
  2. Phase two is classroom training. Once you completed the pre study you will attend an intense 2 day training classroom to ensure practical application of your skill.
  3. Phase three is a 8 week followup with webinars to ensure you apply all the teachings. The webinars are with ex students and trainers that assist in practicality and application.


We don’t train coaches, we make coaches.

Below is the list of available workshop dates:

15, 16 January 2020

30, 31 January 2020

5,6 February 2020

16, 17 March 2020

6,7 April 2020

6, 7 May 2020

21, 22 May 2020

9, 10 June 2020

28, 29 July 2020


The market and client needs are changing. We have been training coaches for over 10 years and have students from over 100 countries. being the best today is not good enough, we must stay number 1.

How do you register?


  1. Click on the payment button and complete your payment. The link is a secure online payment gateway. The current cost for this course is R 4700.00.  This price will only be valid for a few days.

2. Download, complete and return the registration document to

Click the link to download


Once we receive your registration document and payment, we will contact you to start the process.