You have a great idea for a workshop

You know people want it, need it.

But how do you do it?


The problems most people have in running their own workshops are:

  • How to decide on the title?
  • How long should it be?
  • Should I write a manual?
  • How do I advertise it?
  • Where do I host it?
  • How much do I charge?
  • What should the structure be?
  • How do I present it?
  • How, how, how and how?


I remember the stress I had years ago when I started. I had no mentor to give me guidance and I made a lot of mistakes. But I learnt the tricks of the trade.

I am going to teach you the tricks, processes and secrets how to run your own workshop.

You don’t need to have a registered business to do this. Any person can if you know how.

After 10 years of doing training, speaking and running packed workshops I will share what I have learnt to teach you how to run your workshops effectively. How to build a returning customer base of people that want more from you.

Choose the most suitable dates:

20,21, 22 November from 17h00 to 20h00.

These are 3 evenings you must attend. Secure parking will be available.

17, 18 December

These are 2 days from 09h00 to 15h00.


The costs per person: R 2600.00 incl


Send an email to to register.

Seats are limited, so book early.

Venue: Our training centre at 5th Ave Fairland