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Course: Corporate Coach
Course duration: 9 Day
Course Cost: R 21 800 per person. 

Minimum 10 students

Certification: NLP, Life and Executive Coach
Pre-requisite: None

Email : deon@actionfactory.co.za to enquire

About this course:

Benefits of a Executive Coach:

As a leader, or manager one of your most important roles is to coach your people to achieve their best.

By doing this, you’ll help them make better decisions, solve problems that are holding them back, learn new skills, and otherwise progress their careers.

This course will equip you with a variety of proven techniques, practices, and tools that will enable you to become a corporate coach that can guarantee results.

Corporate Coaches offer solutions. Solutions that create action steps. Action that creates results:

  • Growth in profits
  • More balanced life and work style
  • Increased Sales
  • Identifying what to Fix First
  • Aligning individual values with organizational values
  • Clear planning
  • More enjoyment
  • Staff retention


Action Factory is a premium Internationally Accredited Life coach academy, NLP training institute & Corporate training center in South Africa, with training courses in Johannesburg,
Pretoria, Cape Town, Bloemfontein and Durban.
Our highly experienced Internationally Certified Master Trainers will guide you through Life coaching and NLP methodologies in our world class coaching certification courses.

Exceptionally high course content will be provided as well as real skills and techniques that have been tried and tested over years of research and development.

The courses are well priced for the South African market, so that each student has the opportunity to leave our academy having the experience of real change.
At Action Factory, we take the responsibility for your successful completion of our certification courses.


Action Factory is Accredited/ Certified/Registered with:

Chartered Institute of Professional Practitioners and Trainers – CIPPT

Coaching and Mentoring Institute of Southern Africa – COMENSA

International NLP Trainers Association – INLPTA

International Coach Register – ICR

The Association for NLP – ANLP

International Association of Coaches Therapist and Trainers – IACTM



What is NLP
Definitions of NLP
What is NLP-technology
What is Life Coaching
Why Executive coaching is necessary
General coaching tools
The benefits of coaching
What is coaching
An NLP map of perception
Present state and Desired state
The discovery frame
What you need to know about your unconscious mind
Behavioural Frames
Five Principles to achieve success
Sensory Acuity and Rapport
Language patterns
Meta Model
Milton Model
Constructing a metaphor
State elicitation
Six step reframe
Parts Intergration
The Disney strategy for creativity
New behaviour generator
Changing feelings
Meta programs
Pattern interrupts and Break state
The resource triangle
Logical levels
Goal setting
Principles of goal setting
Make your goals SMARTer

Well-formed outcomes
Values and goal-setting
7 Deadly enemies of your goals
The G.R.O.W model
The S.C.O.R.E model
Goal planning template
Perceptual positions
Writing vision statements
Writing your development plan
SWOT analysis
Decision making – Grid analysis
Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing
Important points for a Life Coach to know



Business and Executive Coaches offer solutions. Solutions that create action steps. Action that creates results:

Growth in profits
More balanced life and work style
Increased Sales
Identifying what to Fix First
Focused Business Value
Clear planning
More enjoyment

Ask any business owner if they will be prepared to invest a small amount of money, time and effort if they knew they would achieve above results.
The answer is obvious.


Send an email to deon@actionfactory.co.za to enquire about the course.

This course has a practical approach that will allow the corporate coach to become very aware of their own obstacles and how to overcome them, while they receive the knowledge of facilitating real and lasting change for the coachee. WE use NLP principles as foundation to the course to ensure the focus of the corporate coach stays on the outcomes and not the problems.

The corporate coach will leave the course a master communicator and will be skilled enough to elicit powerful resources from the coachee.