Our NLP Life coach academy offers a variety of NLP Life Coach Certification courses in all major cities throughout South Africa.

Our accredited & Internationally recognized NLP and Life Coach courses will enable you to move towards what you want at a pace to suit you. Through a structured training program you will identify who you are, where you are today, what you really value, how to achieve your potential and together we will develop an action plan to change your future.

Action Factory…..voted Best NLP Life Coach Academy in South Africa

There are many reasons people come on our training. You might seek personal development or be interested in a new career path. Become that person you have always known you can be, or open your own Coaching and/or Therapy Practice. Our training is designed to cater for you and your needs.

The following workshops and Classroom Certification Training Courses are available to you:


Our process makes it easy to choose your course. here is the out line.  All our courses are offered in all main cities in South Africa

You can click on any of the course names for more details and booking forms.

Course 1: NLP Life Coach fundamentals workshop

Course duration: 1 Day full time
Certification: No certification
Pre-requisite: There is no pre-requisite for this course


Course 2: Basics of Coaching

Course duration: 2 Days, full time
Certification: Attendance Certificate
Pre-requisite: You must complete course 1 to apply for this course


Course 3:  Life coach certification course

Course duration:3 Days, full time
Certification: Internationally accredited Life coach certificate
Pre-requisite: You must complete course 1 and course 2 to apply  for this course


Course 4: NLP Practitioner Certificate

Course duration: 3 Days, full time
Course Cost: R 6950.00
Certification: Internationally certified and  accredited NLP Practitioner certificate
Pre-requisite: To apply for this course you must have completed course 1course 2, and course 3.

Course 5: Body Coach Certification

Course Cost: R 4999.00
Course duration: 10 Hours pre study and 4 days in classroom
Certification: International Licence
Pre-requisite: Course 1 and  course 2


Course 6: Hypnotherapy

Course duration: 4 Day full time
Certification: Hypnotherapy
Pre-requisite: There is no pre-requisite for this course

( this course is in redevelopment)

Course 7:  Executive Coach Certification Course

Course duration: 3 Days, full time
Certification: Internationally accredited Business & Executive coach Certification
Pre-requisite: Courses 1,  course 2  and  course 3

Course 8: NLP Master Practitioner Certificate

Course duration: 4 Days, full time plus 150 hours home projects.
Certification: Internationally accredited NLP Master Practitioner Certificate
Pre-requisite: Course 1, course 2, course 3, course 4 and  course 7. You must have 50 hours registered.


Or choose to do our 9 day combined package.

This is an accelerated and intense combined certification course

Course: Combined NLP & Life Coach Certificate (Accelerated Certification)
Course duration: 9 Days, full time
Certification: Internationally accredited Life coach certificate & NLP Practitioner Certificate
Pre-requisite: There is no pre-requisite for this course as it is a combination of courses

This is course 1,2,3 and 4 in sequence for those students that want to start and finish in one bang!