Suffering shortage in any area of life is one of the worst feeling we can have.

  • The feeling of lack is like a cancer of the human soul.
  • It eats away at our Joy bit by bit and slowly suffocates us.
  • It is one of the worst diseases of our time, and it can kill a person.

For the first 40 years of my life, I lived in a constant state of fluctuating lack. Sometimes I had money, but no joy. Other times I had love but no wealth.


Slowly it was killing me, and finally I ended up with massive health problems, no joy, no feeling of love and certainly no wealth.  It felt as if I lost it all and life was one miserable existence.


It was at that low moment, over 17 years ago, I decided to change.

I have spent my life studying human behaviour, our belief systems, how we interpret and allow values in our life, our method of making choices and decisions and how we act and behave.

Over the past + 10 years I have dedicated my life to sharing what I learnt. Sharing my findings and knowledge with as many people as I can.

A few years ago, my life took a turn and I started experiencing true abundance in every area of my life. I have LOVE, JOY, HEALTH AND WEALTH in abundance.

This new experience made me very curious. I did not know what I did to change it all, but I NEEDED to know. I needed to know, so that I could share it with others.

I started to learn, observe, study, compare, measure and practice. I started running tests on my students, family, and friends to learn, what brings change.


The results where astounding. The change that happened in a short time frame was elating, but what I loved most was the sustainability of the outcomes.

NOW I want to share it with YOU.


I have put together an event, where I want to introduce you to your abundance.

During this event I want take you on the journey of change.

I will show you how to bring about internal shifts in you, your thoughts, your beliefs, your choices, and your behaviour that will allow you to start experiencing true abundance in your life.


We live in a world of abundance; it is merely a matter of learning how to reap what is already there.

Think about it this way; There are people that are suffocating, yet our planet has abundance of oxygen. There are people that sleep on the streets; yet there are more empty beds than homeless people. There are people that cannot pay basic expenses; yet the world has storehouses of gold.

It is not that there is lack, you just do not know how to get to it.


Join my next abundance UN plugged event and allow me to take you on the journey to your abundance!

The event is virtual, online via Zoom. You can take part from your couch.


I have limited the seats for only 80 people for this event. To ensure you spot, click on the link below and follow the registration process.


I share what has taken me years to understand and formulate. 

This is a no risk opportunity to totally transform your life from lack to true, sustainable abundance.

Most of our lives we have been told to use our logic and make logical decisions. 

We were taught that information will keep us safe. 

So we gathered information, diplomas, degrees and fancy titles.

It is only when an event happens in our lives ( like lockdown) that all that we relied upon seems futile. 

Suddenly we notice that the actions, and behaviours of the past does not serve us any longer. 


We need to learn to think, see, decide, act and behave differently to live a life of sustainable abundance. 

If what we were taught by our parents, teachers, friends, social media and some preachers actually worked, YOU would not be on this site reading this. 


So take this opportunity and come experience how to live in true abundance. 

You can choose to try harder, work harder, do harder, to achieve abundance.

That is the way you were taught to think.

Is it working? 

You have the choice to change.

Easy registration process:

The total cost for the 2 day event is R 630 per person and you may invite 1 guest for free. 

Click on the buy now button and complete the payment. Once you have successfully completed payment you will be diverted to the registration form to complete and submit. 

Should you require assistance, email Nicole at

Our next 2 day event is on 29 and 30 May 2021. Events are live virtual events via zoom. You will receive the zoom invite 1 day before the event via email.  


R 630 is about $50