Many training courses create gaps in the mind of the students. We have listened over the past years and compiled a package just for you to not just train and teach you, but to make you a world-class effective coach.

The package includes the following training:

  1. Life Coach certification
  2. NLP Practitioner
  3. Executive and Business Coach
  4. How to run a workshop
  5. Being an effective speaker
  6. International online coach
  7. Journey to You event
  8. Become a Journey to You coach


Life Coach Certification

This is the core of your training. You will be trained to coach people on various aspects of life, taking them from where they are to where they want to be.

On completion of your training you will be a fully certified International coach

NLP Practitioner

Whereas Life Coaching is a discipline that focuses on the conscious mind, NLP is the handbook to the emotions and subconscious mind. These techniques are designed to reprogram limiting beliefs and behaviours. This is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. All the techniques are trained in an experiential style. You therefore will see them done, feel them done on you, and do them on others. Leaving you with not only the theory, but more importantly, the know-how.

Executive and Business Coach

Take your career to the next level and enter the corporate and SME market with this prestige certification.

One of the best addons you can have on your CV today. Or you might decide to assist all those small businesses tat need our help urgently.

How to run a workshop

Running workshops is one of the greatest ways to share your skill and knowledge. Knowing how to do it effectively will establish you as the knowledgeable go to person people search for.

Workshops are not only teaching, but interactive to ensure lasting change and learning. It is the platform of the future.

Being an effective speaker.

Are you ready for the platform? Effective speakers are always in demand and few career paths are as satisfying and rewarding.


International online coach

Being a coach in your community has a new meaning in this online world. We now have the technology to reach the world. Learn the how.

Journey to You event

Attend this 2-day event and experience change. 2 Intense days of training and coaching to bring the best you to the surface.

Become a Journey to You coach

Go on an international journey with us as we travel the world with our events.


Here is the part you must read:


Action Factory was started in 2008 and has developed into the leader in its field.


That was not enough. We wanted the Africa and the world to see the power of our NLP Coaching. We wanted our Coaches to have more clients than they could deal with. We wanted to expose our coaches to the world and have millions of people seeking them out.

That was a huge challenge to achieve. For years we tried various approaches and finally settled on the solution.

CREATE a TV show of many episodes showing the world what we do!!!!

So, we started. The TV show has been recorded and produced and is ready to be launched during the summer of 2019. THAT IS VERY SOON!!!

  1. Millions of people in South Africa will watch, be enthralled and will flock to our mass Journey to You events.
  2. At each event, our coaches will be there, to coach the attendees.
  3. People will realise they need a coach, an Action Factory Coach.
  4. We will take our TV shows and our events to every country in Africa that will receive us. You can join us!
  5. Europe, India, China and the world is our oyster. Do you want to come along?


Should you decide to order these courses individually the total cost will be R 33 397.00

Between today and 30 Septemeber 2019    30 October 2019 you can now receive the entire package for R 22 900.00

The only reason we are offering it is because we need coaches for our events that are coming.

So, what is the process? Easy.

You sign up and we will contact you and start to schedule your training.

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