Coach individuals or groups to adopt  a new lifestyle and
habits to live a healthy, energised and happy life.



Body Coach Virtual live  Training

Internationally recognised certificate as an Action Factory Body Coach.

A passion to help people live a healthy life style.


R3100 if you have completed the NLP Llife coach course with Action Factory

R4300 if you have NOT completed the NLP Life coach course with Action Factory

Internationally Certified Body Coach

Coach individuals or groups to adopt new lifestyle and habits to live a healthy, energised and happy life.

Our unique approach is revolutionary. We combine 3 concepts in the coaching:

  • Eat Right
  • Think Right
  • Move right

The coaching process works best in groups. Coach 10, 20 or even 100 clients at the same time!!!

It is the merging of these 3 entangled concepts that brings about permanent change in clients.

How does it work?

Most courses we offer are time bound. You sign up, train and then apply. But the health industry is always changing, and you need to be kept aware of all the changes. So we have a different and unique approach.


Imagine you have a group of clients that join a virtual group session with you every week.

  • Each session covers 1 of the 3 main topics, eat right, think right or move right.
  • Each session is designed to install healthy lifestyle habits.
  • Each session is a group session where we all hold each other accountable for change.


There are no fast diets, no extreme exercise programs. We don’t do radical.

We coach our clients into forming healthy lifestyle habits that create a zestful, healthy and energised life.

The process

  • All sessions are virtual, live and interactive.
  • Training will take place on Monday evenings from 7pm – 8:30pm
  • All training gets recorded and will be available for you.
  • Each training session is a preparation for your sessions with your clients. So each week, we give you new material to cover in your sessions with your clients.
  • You receive a manual that covers all the information you require.
  • You receive a client workbook, designed to take your clients on a journey of change.
  • You join a life long learning program. You never stop learning and developing. The health industry is at the forefront of scientific and health discovery. We stay informed and as we learn new developments we keep teaching them to you.
  • You become part of an elite team of body coaches that share knowledge and experiences with each other.
  • By being part of a group of coaches, we hold each other accountable just as your clients hold each other accountable.

The short process:  You join, constantly get new training to replicate, and use in your sessions with your clients. You stay informed.

  • Internationally recognised certificate as an Action Factory Body Coach.
  • Rights to apply for International accreditation by the ICR a subsidiary of Global Network Group that is ISO 9001:2008 certified by Lloyds Register and registered with CRKBO
  • Assistance in getting your coaching practice active.

What you will learn

  • How to become a successful body coach
  • To coach clients to improve their quality of life, by coaching them to:
    • Think right
    • Eat right
    • Move right
  • Understanding thought processes that influence our lives
  • The impact and differences of various food groups
  • Unique ways to move differently to burn calories.
  • Coaching skills to greatly improve results
  • Tried and tested techniques to assist clients to experience change
  • To coach people to implement a new healthy lifestyle without diets and extreme exercise
  • Knowing what foods are healthy without cutting on taste
  • How to apply a new healthy life style that makes people more energized and happier
  • Induce changed behaviour in clients over a period of months to form new and healthy life style habits

We don’t encourage diets, but a healthy eating lifestyle. We don’t promote extreme exercise contracts, but correct movement. We don’t believe life is a drag, but correct thoughts create joy.

To join, please contact

Once you register we will contact you and schedule your first session. You will be added to our notification group on (private) whats app where we send all the classroom invites.

Welcome to the team.

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